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Tracy Terry


Dear Students,

Welcome to Granger Junior High!!! My name is Mrs. Terry, and I am an AVID reader. It is my goal this year to teach you to love reading too! I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you! 

This will be an exciting year, and we will spend time on various adventures to-gether! We may ride the ocean on a small raft. We may be best friends with a magic animal! We may ride on flying dragons, run with the wolves, attend a magical university or travel through time!

No matter what our adventure is, we will work hard and be active learn-ers; and more importantly we will HAVE FUN!

I would like you to share this newsletter and website with your parents so that you all have an idea of what is expected for our year together! Also included on the left side of this page is a list of supplies you will need, as well as what to expect  concerning grades and activities.

Sign the cut out slip at the bottom of the second page, and have them sign it too so that I know you have read it.

Mrs. Terry

Tracy Terry

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