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Granger Seniors- Link to Local Scholarship Application- Due April 12th

Here are the Apply Texas application instructions, our presentation, and the Blinn brochure that was presented to sophomores on February 25. 2020. Linked below are the electronic Dual Credit Approval Form and some additional information. Students must have submitted an Apply Texas application and have their Blinn log-in information before they can access the Dual Credit Approval Form. We did this together on February 9, 2020. Blinn representatives have offered to help and are available to set up a Zoom and help students with applications, the new electronic approval form, or any other requests. Please email Mrs. Thorsen if you have any questions. 


Presentation Video


Electronic Dual Credit Approval Form - Student Link


Dual Credit Approval Form - Parent Tutorial


Remote TISA Testing Through Blinn

Please note there are two separate forms. Students only need to complete one form. The Blinn request form allows testing on Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm. Blinn charges $10 per section and does not charge a proctoring fee. The Examity request form allows testing 24/7. Examity charges $10 per section and a $20 proctoring fee.


Blinn College ID Process

Students will submit a Student ID Request Form. This can be found by clicking on Admissions Forms on their myBLINN account. Students must be registered before receiving a Blinn ID. If they are not registered yet, the ID Request Form will be returned to their Blinn email address. 




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