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Lenovo N22 Chromebooks for Sale

We have several Lenovo N22 Chromebooks for sale. They are available through the school library. They are grade R, A, B, C, or D based on their condition. No warranty is offered or implied. These are sold “As Is”.

Grade “R”- Grade R Item will be New in the Box or Brown box (like new condition)

Grade “A”- Grade ‘A’ laptop classification is reserved for units that show evidence of very light previous use. Any wear on a Grade A Laptop unit, including housing and external surfaces (i.e. cover / lid and keyboards) is associated with standard minimal use. Grade A units may have very minor scuffing and / or minor abrasions with light wear on keyboard from light standard previous use. Grade A Laptop screens will NOT feature scratches, cracks, chips, dead pixels, dark spots, discoloration or blemishes. Grade A Units will only feature the standard / minimal wear and tear that is associated with a used laptop. (Example shown below.)

Grade “B”- Grade B laptops are fully tested and fully functional but subject to have: scratches on laptop body and may feature more excessive unit housing and/or external surface wear than Grade A units, including scratches on cover / lid and heavier wear on keyboards. Grade B laptops may feature one or several small dings or dents on covers and / or small paint chips on the surface. Grade B Laptop screens may feature uneven light diffusion in screen and may feature subtle blemishes. Grade B Laptops will not feature cracks or dead pixels on screens, but may feature slight scratching on screen.

Grade “C”- Grade C laptops are fully tested and fully functional but may feature: multiple and / or excessive scratches on laptop body, large paint chips, dents or dings on housing and external surfaces. Grade C Laptops will often feature broken hinges / latches and Grade C Laptop screens may feature uneven light diffusion in screen, screen blemishes and / or dark marks in screen. Grade C Laptops will feature moderate to aggressive heavy wear from previous use.

Grade ‘D’ Grade “D” Products are defective Non- Working or Cosmetically flawed beyond repair. Units are to be used for parts only. These units can never be returned.

R-$50 – None available





Top View of Lenovo N21   Bottom view of Lenovo N21

Left Side of N21                               Right Side of N21                                Front of N21