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Special Programs


Amber Thorsen- Director of Federal

Tawnya Shirocky-Testing, Accountability, and Curriculum 

Jolene Volek- SPED, 504 and Dyslexia Coordinator

Mary Beth Wagner- Secondary Counselor 

Erin Lawrence- Behavior Specialist 

Quinlan Kubacak- Secondary SPED Teacher 

Phone: (512) 859-2173
Fax: (512) 859-2446

Granger ISD offers a comprehensive educational curriculum with a broad selection of academic courses and electives and provides the following special programs to support student achievement and excellence:

ESL – The goal of English as a Second Language shall be to provide support and services to students of limited English proficiency so that they can become competent in the comprehension, speaking, reading, and composition of the English language through the integrated use of second language methods. The English as a Second Language program shall emphasize the mastery of English language skills, as well as mathematics, science, and social studies as integral parts of the academic program for all students.

Migrant - Our Migrant services provide needed instructional support to help migrant students overcome the challenges of mobility and to succeed in school.

Gifted and Talented - Our Gifted and Talented Program identifies and provides services to students performing at or showing potential for performing at a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience or environment and who exhibit high performance capability in general intellectual ability, specific subject matter, or creative/productive thinking.

Granger ISD would like to offer you the opportunity to assist us in locating children who are potential candidates for the gifted and talented program in grades K-12. These are children who are achieving beyond that which may be expected of their classmates in general intellectual ability, creativity, and productive thinking. Please pick up a form to nominate a child for the screening process at the school and return to the GT Coordinator, Mrs. Shirocky, or to the campus principal of the nominated student.

Granger ISD’s Annual Title I Parent Meeting


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