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Michael Abbott
Abbott, Michael
mabbott@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Mary Avila
Avila, Mary
mavila@granger.txed.netGranger ISD
Jimmie Baker
Baker, Jimmie
FCCLA Teacher
jbaker@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Lara Barbiaux
Barbiaux, Lara
lbarbiaux@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Chuck Bassett
Bassett, Chuck
JH Social Studies Teacher
cbassett@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Michelle Bassett
Bassett, Michelle
HS Language Arts Teacher
mbassett@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Lauren Bennett
Bennett, Lauren
1st Grade Teacher
lbennett@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Walt Brock Brock, Walt
Athletic Director/Head Football Coach
wbrock@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Stephen Brosch
Brosch, Stephen
HS Language Arts Teacher/Coach
sbrosch@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Marisol Buenrostro
Buenrostro, Marisol
Secondary School Secretary
mbuenrostro@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
James Cervenka Cervenka, James
School Board President
jcervenka@granger.txed.netGranger ISD
Kristen Chapman
Chapman, Kristen
4th Grade Teacher
kchapman@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Brittany Cheatheam Cheatheam, Brittany
School Board Member
bcheatheam@granger.txed.netGranger ISD
Sara Cooper
Cooper, Sara
Accountability and Testing Coordinator
scooper@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Brian Cortes
Cortes, Brian
Spanish Teacher
bcortes@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Jennifer Cundieff
Cundieff, Jennifer
JH Teacher
jcundieff@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Harvey Davidson
Davidson, Harvey
Band Director
hdavidson@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Andrea Dolan
Dolan, Andrea
Technology Director
adolan@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Sandi Dunn
Dunn, Sandi
Accounts Payable/Receivable
sdunn@granger.txed.netGranger ISD
Tommy Filla Filla, Tommy
School Board Member
tfilla@granger.txed.netGranger ISD
Jennifer Fudge
Fudge, Jennifer
P.E. Teacher/Coach
jfudge@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Michael Gorubec Gorubec, Michael
School Board Member
mgorubec@granger.txed.netGranger ISD
Donna Griffis
Griffis, Donna
dgriffis@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Jaclyn Guerra
Guerra, Jaclyn
Art Teacher
jguerra@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
Emily Hackett Hackett, Emily
Mental Health Counselor
ethomas@granger.txed.netGranger ISD View Website
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